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Life goes on…

Hi All, and Hello me myself. After for a long time not to post any story or any picture in here. Finally I have came across to visit my own webpage again! Surprisingly some major story in my life I have missed. This page reminds me pretty much very feeling or moment that I have been through. Ah… this is such a very great time to visit here. And it keeps me want to post everything for keeping it in my memory forever.  

After I got into the Thammasat university, it is such a chaos time in my life. I don’t know exactly what I really wanted to do in life. New people New community. But sometime I think I should be alone. it might be better. when you are with everyone.  And I met Namtan! Namtan is the person who have changed the whole life for me forever until now. She was my roommate at that time. We have never met before. Coincidently, we used to be a schoolmate when we were in High School. Traimudom Suksa. 

One day she called me told me that she is doing the business. And she would like to talk to me. I was ok at that time since my situation with everything is quite boring and I need someone just to be with. Ridicurous! 

Then I met Amway! and PPun. 

to be continued…

I’ve learned to play the ukelele for 5 days up to now. I never play the instrument before but my friends inspired me to write and make music. This song is about my high school life with them and I am very glad I met them even though from now on we will hardly meet but they will be my friends as long as I live.  Love y’all :) 

Ps. thank you Tam for the featuring!

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